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On the Illusion of Art 2011 / installation / 17 prints on aluminium, sculpture, video 16:9, 42'

"From the Illusion of Art - cultural TV department or: What shall I do with those paint spots?"

For her solo show in the ORF-Funkhaus Dornbirn Maria Anwander examined stereotype portrayals of art and artists in state-owned television formats. From more than 40 "Tatort"episodes, which dealt with art she took text fragments, which reflect the cliché of artists broadcasted by the ORF, which is Austrias only state-owned television program and produces the "Tatort" series together with the german ARD. Anwander takes scenes of artists, who were created fictions for TV, out of the stories' context and cut single scenes into a 42 minute long movie. 17 stills from the original movies, directed openings and studio situations, are shown together with a reproduction of one of the movies' artworks. Made up by script writers, built by setdesigners and brought back by Maria Anwander as autonomous artworks into a real exhibition context, the work allows the viewer an examination of virtuality and reality.