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Fucks the Curator 2010, Post-it on wall

in collaboration with Ruben Aubrecht

The work was produced for the exhibition Gaming the System - rank the ranking or fuck the curator, which took place at the Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn & Taxis in Bregenz (Austria) in 2010. The show was curated by Maria Anwander.

The exhibition was conceived as a subversive strategy to infiltrate artist rankings, to comment on interactions and mechanism of the art market that focuses on financial gains and also to point out subjections between curators, institutions and artists. Among other artists who were represented with critical works on the art market, Ruben Aubrecht was invited without a contribution of his own. He rose in several artist rankings without even having shown an artwork simply because he was listed as a participating artist in all invitations, posters and catalogues. A whole room remained empty, it was only this Post-It that informed about the reason of his apparent participation: (he) fucks the curator.